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Kite - Eddy Rainbow Stripe

Kite - Eddy Rainbow Stripe

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made of durable ripstop polyester and fiberglass frames. Comes "Ready to Fly", incl. handle and line.

Skill Level: Beginner
Ready To Fly: Yes
Age: 5+

Kite Specifications
Size (W X L): 23 in. X 28 in. / 58 cm. X 70 cm.
Wind Range: 2-5 Bft. (6-38 km/h | 4-24 mph)
Fabric: Ripstop-Polyester
Frame: Fiberglass
Kite Line: Polyester 37 lb., 80 ft. on d-handle, incl.
Includes Kite, Kite line, Kite Handles, & Kite bag.